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Why Choose EDEX Expo?

EDEX Expo which embraces the vision "To Empower Sri Lankan Youth to Be Globally Competitive" is considered the largest and most comprehensive higher education and careers exhibition held in Sri Lanka, in Colombo and Kandy annually.
The Presidential Secretariat, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training, Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations and Ministry of Environment have endorsed the event in recognition of the objectives of EDEX which are similar to the government's objectives.

  • Impressive growth over the past 10 years, exceeding over 330 stalls at EDEX Expo 2014, representing divers fields of education, vocational training and skills development
  • Unprecedented value for money - half a million visitors during the past 10 years
  • Excellent opportunity for overseas institutions to establish and expand their presence in Sri Lanka, engaging directly with a large segment of potential students and parents
  • An ideal platform for the launch of tertiary education related products and services
  • Exhibitors are exposed on 365 day basis through multi stakeholder initiatives by EDEX far beyond the exhibition
  • The option to partner and enjoy a host of pre and post-event based branding and advertising opportuinities plus special customised sponsorships

Edex Exhibitor Brochure

Welcome to largest and most comprehensive National Higher Education and Careers Expo in Sri Lanka


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Marketing Brochure

Rate Card

Floor Layout & Reservation

Request Form For Space Allocation

Secretary - EDEX Expo,

I/We hereby convey my/our willingness to take part in EDEX Expo and kindly request you to reserve the below mentioned location(s) to me/us. The location(s) mentioned below are according to my/our order of preferences.

  Colombo Kandy
  Hall A Hall B Hall C Hall D Hall E Hall F  
1st Preference
2nd Preference
3rd Preference
Example : http://www.example.com
  1. Duly completed “REQUEST FORM FOR SPACE ALLOCATION” should be forwarded to the EDEX Secretariat. Note : Only bare space’s will be allocated initially. Preferred shell scheme booths will be erected by the official booth contractor at an extra cost at the give location on request. Please refer the Rate Card for bare space fees, Shell scheme rates, early bird discount and advance payment details)
  2. EDEX Expo Committee will process and allocate demarcated bare space giving due consideration to requests from Event Sponsors, number of years of participation at EDEX Expo(by the applicant), the locations occupied in the past, the total space to be occupied at EDEX Expo etc. Their decision with regard to the allocation of demarcated bare space and/or any other matter related to the exhibition shall be final. The EDEX Expo Committee reserves the right to reject any application without offering reasons.
  3. Once the allocated space is communicated by the EDEX Expo Committee, the non-refundable advance payment applicable should be deposited at the EDEX Secretariat and the applicant should enter into a formal agreement within the stipulated timelines.
  4. No reservation can be considered confirmed, unless accompanied by the advance payment and the subsequent payment terms are strictly adhered to. No extensions will be allowed for early bird discount and /or the final payment.
  5. All Cheques to be drawn in favour of “EDEX Expo” and crossed ‘Account Payee Only’.
  6. Organisers reserve the right to reallocate any previously reserved bare space to a fresh applicant without any notice or refund of payments made, in the event the former applicant fails to make the necessary advance and/or balance payments strictly in accordance with the payment schedule appearing in the Rate Card.
  7. The Organisers reserves the right to change the date, the venue or layout at their sole discretion if circumstances warrant such action.

Shell Requirement

Expo Venue Colombo Kandy

Shell Required
Yes No Yes No

Name Panel (Compulsory for all Shell Scheme Exhibitors)


Profile Information

All the exhibitors automatically qualify for free editorial Exhibitor Catalogue which includes Company contact details, logo, Company description up to 65 words, boxed entry.

For Logo’s

Please attach High Resolution JPEG File.

Max file size (20MB)

Please place the information that should appear in the catalogue here

Example : http://www.example.com
  • The organisers reserve the right to edit your editorial where necessary to maintain uniformity in the final catalogue
  • The organisers will take no responsibility for any omission of any editorial content resulting from insufficient, late or illegible information received from the exhibitor
  • Changes to submitted editorials will only be accepted until and including 15th December 2013
  • Late submissions will not be printed in the catalogue
  • Please note that only one editorial per applicant will be published.
  • Any requests to publish editorials for co-exhibitors will incur a charge of LKR. 5,000/- per co-exhibitor.

Please indicate the fields of specialisation in studies and careers applicable, in the following Index.

Classified Index Details

SECTION A : Field of Specialisation
(Please specify ☑ the field / s of studies conducted / career opportunities offered)

If your organisation is an Overseas Education Consultant / Representative please avoid selecting all fields, and select only the Overseas Education Consultants / Reps Fields

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