EDEX – Hayleys Lighting Sustainability Quiz 2016

‘Sustainability’ has become the talk of the town due to various factors including global warming, rising sea water levels, changing weather patterns, growing population etc., while ‘sustainable living’ is rapidly becoming an absolute imperative to ensure the future ‘earth’ would be safe and habitable.

Initiated as an educational exhibition in 2004, EDEX is now a comprehensive platform offering end-to-end connectivity from education, skills, training, employment and entrepreneurship to sustainability. In 2008, through EDEX think Green, it launched the Green Zone at the annual Expo with an aim to educate activate and engage youth towards sustainable living. Taking a step further, EDEX Think Green proudly presents the “EDEX – Hayleys Lighting Sustainability Quiz 2016”, the first ever school-level quiz competition on the concept of 'Sustainability', in the country.

Collaborating with EDEX, the other key stakeholder of this valuable and timely initiative is Hayleys Electronics Lighting (Pvt.) Ltd., a member of Hayleys Group. As the sole agent in Sri Lanka for the world’s No. 1 lighting brand Philips, who are in the forefront of sustainable lighting globally, Hayleys Electronics Lighting has been leading the drive to promote energy efficient lighting for decades with Philips’ CFLs and now the LEDs. Coming in, as an organizing partner of the quiz, is the Royal College General Knowledge Club with a history of over 30 years in the field, where the signature event of the club, the ‘Blue & Gold Inter School Quiz’ recently saw its 25th edition.

The quiz is scheduled to be held on 17th June 2016 at the Royal College Main Hall at 2.00p.m.. The quiz will have four table rounds (10 questions each) and the final (fifth) round will be an oral round between the top two teams, based on the aggregate scores of the previous rounds. Questions will be based on environmental issues (e.g. deforestation etc.), sustainability concepts (e.g. 5S, 3R etc.) and other sustainability related facts (e.g. Montreal Protocol, Vienna Convention and Electric Vehicles etc.). In addition to the overall championships, category champions will also be rewarded under four categories, namely National Schools, Non-national (Provincial) Schools, Semi Government / Private Schools and International Schools.

Only those who were born on or after 01.02.1997 are eligible to represent their school in the competition. Each team should comprise of four eligible members. Registrations are done on first come first served basis, due to the limited capacity. If your school still have not sent the registration form, we encourage you to send it to the EDEX Secretariat via post, email or fax. For any queries, feel free to contact Chandani on 0768204975 or Navaka on 0716092282.