EDEX Careers brings together experts from six industries to deliver Career Guidance at the Mid Year Expo 2016

EDEX Mid-Year Expo 2016 was concluded on a high note with the successful delivering on its promise of empowering “Sri Lankan Youth to be globally competitive”. The expo had representations from over 150 educational institutions offering wide array of post-secondary level educational programs both within Sri Lanka and beyond.

EDEX Careers, being an integral part of the EDEX, was at the forefront facilitating professional career guidance during the EXPO to bridge the gap between school to work transition of aspiring Sri Lankan youth. To accomplish this task EDEX Careers conducted a series of Career Guidance Seminars at the Mid-Year Expo 2016 targeting six of the most sought after industries with rewarding career prospects for Sri Lankan youth. The objective of the seminars was to showcase the local & global employment trends and provide professional career guidance leading to gainful employment. Topics included Sales and Marketing, Human Resource Management, Hospitality, Finance Accountancy, Information Technology and Law.

The seminars were open to public and offered entirely free of charge using a specially designed seminar enclosure equipped with multimedia facilities specially tailored to assist post A/L students who were still undecided on their careers and further education. Conducted by renowned professionals who have reached the peak of their respective careers, each seminar sought to educate the youth on four key knowledge areas crucial for their careers.

1. Getting qualified – Educate on the different qualifications available from both private/public institutions to get a bachelor’s level qualification, professional qualification, higher diploma etc.

2. Options and choices - Emphasize the different options and choices available in the selected fields to start a career after the full or part completion of their qualification, the potential of those professions and industries to grow locally as well as overseas opportunities.

3. Expectations at the start of the career - Typical work, projects, challenges to be faced, Skills that need to be acquired & enhanced and entry level remuneration of the career.

4. Tips for a successful career – Sharing useful advice for the youth from hands-on industry experience.

The seminars were promoted using social media, print media and the participants were encouraged to pre-register to avoid disappointments. The responses received exceeded the expectations of EDEX Careers as both pre-registrations and actual participation numbers were very high. The seminars thus managed to serve the intentions of EDEX Careers to provide the much needed guidance for Sri Lankan youth to begin their journey to a rewarding and enriching career.