International and Private School Career Guidance Counsellors Empowered

EDEX Council and National Career Guidance Association facilitate special programme....



The EDEX Council facilitated a special Career Guidance Seminar, “Career Guidance for Youth”, at the MAS Arena on July 10th 2017.

Participants from leading International and Private schools attended the programme, which was held at the Royal MAS arena auditorium.




In his key note address, Chairman of EDEX, Mr. Mahinda Galagedera, warmly welcomed the representatives, to this special initative.

“We are privileged to have Counsellors from International schools present here today, who we trust will in turn, share the insights for the benefit of their students, and work with EDEX to empower youth of Sri Lanka”, he said.

Today’s programme will enrich you to continue the excellent work you have already started, as a Counsellor, and friend to your students, he added.

The President of the National Career Guidance Association, Mr. Ajith Jayawardena, with his team, conducted and interactive sessions, sharing expertise, information and innuendo, which engrossed the participants, on ‘a journey of mutual discovery and learning’.



Themes relating to Career Guidance, ‘The Role of a Career Counsellor’, ‘Guiding students on ‘learning to learn’, and ‘How to avoid mistakes in Counselling’, were explored and understood.

Empowerment, respect and equity for all students seeking advice was discussed, together with the trends, attitudes and best practices relating to Career Guidance.

Mr. Chanka Dias, Lecturer, from Royal Institute, said he was delighted to have participated in the programme.

He stated the sessions were, “motivational, interesting and that he derived a new psychological perspective in terms of careers from doing the Careers Key”. He also said that he was happy he scored well in his chosen career path of IT.

The Careers Key, by Howard K. Jones, is administered by the Counsellors as a valuable tool to ascertain the intrinsic skills and talents of respondents and can be used to as a metric and qualitative tool to guide students in selecting their correct career path.

Representatives from the NCGA, EDEX PR, International Schools Promotions and Career Services Committees were present.

Mr. Lalinda Ariyaratne gave the vote of thanks, and was appreciative of the excellent participation, and attentive audience, who would be catalyst in creating a difference in the lives of students.