EDEX Careers Pavilion at MYE 2015 - Psychometric Testing and Counseling

Within the EDEX Careers value offering, the most unique and one of the most sought after services is the administering of the psychometric test and one-on-one in person counseling services. Every year thousands of students select the A/L stream without a deeper understanding of the future career opportunities available in their selected field. They also lack the understanding of their own skills, preferences and personality traits in selecting a career defining A/L stream. This ultimately lands them in a dilemma as they are faced with career choice that does not suit their skills set or preference.

EDEX Careers identified this critical need and formed an effective response to help such students in identifying a suitable career for themselves. Over the past 7 years, EDEX careers has facilitated administering of the psychometric testing for all EDEX Expo participants at specially designed EDEX Career Pavilion within the EDEX Expo. The results of this test are then interpreted with the help of trained career counselors who help the participant to better understand the career choices he/she should explore depending on his skills and preferences.

The psychometric test administered by EDEX Careers is popularly known as “The Career Key”. The Career Key had been formulated by Lawrence K. Jones Ph.D, NCC (an American counseling psychologist, career assessment developer, and writer of international standing), arranged by Dr. Keerthi Premadasa & Mr. Ajith Jayawardana from Career Guidance Unit of University of Colombo.

The Career Key measures the candidate’s interests and learns which job fits him/her best. Choosing an occupation is always matching process, and The Career Key unlocks the mystery of this matching process. It will show the candidate how to identify the jobs most likely to satisfy him/her.

EDEX Careers has forged a strategic partnership with the Career Guidance Academy headed by Mr. Ajith Jayawardana in delivering the valued service to EDEX Expo participants.