EDEX Magazine leverages youth to being globally competitive in Advertising
The EDEX Magazine's October issue highlights the Advertising Industry and the careers available to youth in this dynamic industry.
The traditional arms of Advertising, such as creatives, media and client service retain, for both above the line and below the line Advertising. However with the advent of social media and the digital revolution, the Advertising Industry has transformed to be more sophisticated and appealing. Local youth can aspire to shine on a global platform, as our story on the "Spikes Awards" portray.
The EDEX Magazine will be available in leading bookstores and retail outlets shortly. The ongoing CSR outreach to all post-secondary schools island-wide, the universities, the Vocational Training Authority system and EDEX Stake holders of the Royal College Union and its youth readership, make the EDEX Magazine a much sought after tool in Career Guidance and Education.
Meet the EDEX Magazine Team at the forthcoming EDEX Expo 2016 and discuss how you can contribute articles in English, Sinhala and Tamil language, and how your advertisement or advertorial can reach a wider readership.