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About EDEX Sithuwam

Annual all island art competition launched to promote the artistic talents of studentsand youth island wide. Many talented students from rural and disadvantagedbackgrounds benefit from this initiative

  • Conduct an Island-wide Arts Competition targeting multiple age groups to provide a platform for students/participants to exhibit their skills and be recognised for their creativity
  • Sithuwam Exhibition,  to facilitate the exhibition of short listed entries and selecting the best creations by an expert panel
  • Facilitate skills improvement via conducting a Skills Development Workshop by expert(s) aimed at coaching finalists on “tools and techniques” relevant to creating artwork
  • Establish a foundation for creating commercial value for the creations of participants and establish a revenue generating, self-sustainable model for EDEX Sithuwam

2017 Sithuwam Winners

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Skill Development Workshop

Sithuwam aims to provide a platform for youth to display their aesthetic skills in the domain of painting and be recognized for their talent. In addition, we intend to support the technical skills development of selected students and aspiring young artists by organizing a skills development workshops under the patronage of renowned experts.

We successfully conducted a skills development workshop for the shortlisted students of EDEX Sithuwam 2015 all Island Art Competition and it was held parallel with the EDEX Sithuwam 2015 exhibition. The participants were the award winners selected by a panel of judges in the final round. A leading renowned artist Mr. Shantha K. Herath shared his knowledge and experience with the participants and taught them how to create a good work of art.